levi's id

hi there! my name is levi and i am 17 years old. you can use any pronouns with me! my mbti is isfp [is(f)] :^) and i am a social 7. i love writing and literature in general! i can speak three languages by now (portuguese, english and german).

in case you're wondering, my neocities's url is inspired by enhypen's blessed-cursed. the general aesthetic, on the other side, is influenced by newjeans & my personal style. i am planning to make this site a place for me to expose my opinion about media (especially books) and to simply put in practice some coding skills. :^)
i also thought about using this thing as an online diary but honestly most of my daily registers are in portuguese and it would be tiring to translate all of that. :p

F the master and margarita, mikhail bulgakov;
F how to do nothing: resisting the attention economy, jenny odell;
F o ateneu, raul pompéia (the athenaeum);

F cardcaptor sakura;
F shadow's house;

09.06.22: made these "favorite movies" & "books";
09.07.22: favorite albums;
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10.18.22: fixed index page + updated my current reading list;
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